Loudoun Insurance Group CEO Featured in 2013 America’s Select Financial Advisors Book

Finance expert John Wolff, CEO and Managing Director of Loudoun Insurance Group, received the nod of Conquest Press for inclusion in its "2013 AMERICA'S SELECT Financial Advisors" - The Professionals of Financial Strategy book. The publication, available within the next few months on Amazon.com, will serve as a definitive honor roll of area financial advisors in the U.S.

Inclusion in the industry who’s who means that the Loudoun Insurance Group CEO has met the strict qualifying criteria and passed the rigorous review process of Conquest Press, LLC. The publishing company was founded and exists to identify and bring recognition to professionals and businesses it sees are frequently the unsung heroes of the various service industries, those who meet the highest standards of expertise in their field and service to their clients. The America’s Select brand trains the spotlight on the positive impact these service industry experts have made on their clients, families, communities, and the nation.

Loudoun Insurance Group, under the leadership of Wolff, prides itself on helping its clients make sound decisions toward a positive financial future. The Virginia-based insurance firm’s open-source approach makes client needs the primary focus and looks for the best available solution to meet it at the best price.

John Wolff brings over 20 years experience to Loudoun Insurance Group. He is also CEO and Managing Director of Capital Fiduciary Advisors, a wealth management firm.

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Loudoun Insurance Group is a full-service insurance agency that is dedicated to meeting all of your insurance needs—home, auto, personal property, business, employee benefits, and much more. We provide our clients with expert guidance and cost-effective insurance solutions that help them protect their assets…mitigate their risks….and attract and retain talented staff.



Leesburg, Va. – September 20, 2013 – Loudoun County-based 100WomenStrong, a group of women who strategically invest in organizations and programs that enrich the lives of Loudoun County citizens, has spearheaded an initiative designed to target and include all the children who are food insecure in Loudoun County schools and offer them weekend assistance at highly cost-effective rates. The philanthropic group of women has collaborated with the Loudoun Chamber of Commerce, Blue Ridge Area Food Bank, Loudoun Education Foundation and Loudoun Insurance Group, the program’s first corporate sponsor, on a program that includes the following elements:

  • 100WomenStrong is making a challenge grant of $100,000 to the program and inviting the community and all existing Backpack Programs to participate
  • Blue Ridge Area Food Bank is putting its buying power behind the program and offering highly nutritious meals at less than $5 per family per week, allowing dollars donated to the program to stretch further
  • Loudoun Chamber of Commerce is actively soliciting companies to support the program and adopt a school
  • Loudoun Education Foundation is collecting all funds donated to program and will administer distribution of those funds
  • Loudoun Insurance Group is the program’s first corporate donor and John Wolff, owner of Loudoun Insurance Group, and Lisa Wolff are also personal donors of the program
  • Sunita Ruhnke, well-known volunteer, community liaison and booster of several area Backpack programs, will oversee and administer the program and ensure it is running smoothly.

“The problem of food insecurity continues to grow across the country and in our county. There are many people and programs across the county currently doing a great job of trying to feed these kids. But even with all of this great effort, only 40 percent of the students who are food insecure in Loudoun County schools are receiving support,” said Karen Schaufeld, president and founder of 100WomenStrong. “In addition, they rely on donations from friends and neighbors who are buying food at retail, which isn’t the most effective approach.

“By partnering with county agencies and groups, we know we can reach more children and hopefully bring 40-percent coverage close to 100-percent coverage quickly,” Schaufeld continued. “We also have access to meals that are nutritious and very cost effective. Through the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank, we can stretch a dollar much further and feed more children for less money.”

According to Lynn Rubin, vice president of 100WomenStrong, by working with the food bank, a donation of $20 is enough to buy all the food needed for a child for weekends for a month. That $20 at a grocery store does not go as far. In addition, when relying on food donations, there may be too many of one item and not enough of another.

“100WomenStrong made an initial grant to Blue Ridge Area Food Bank for a Backpack program several years ago, and we quickly realized the cost effective nature of working directly with a food bank,” explained Rubin. “This new initiative is designed to grow on that concept and get as many organizations involved as we can to feed as many schoolchildren as possible.”

By working with the Loudoun Education Foundation and parent liaisons within the schools, the program knows exactly which children to target while maintaining their privacy. Approximately 12,000 Loudoun County schoolchildren are on the free or reduced lunch program, which usually means they do not get enough food at home. For some of them, the only food they eat is the food offered during school hours.

“Hungry children cannot concentrate on schoolwork as well as they should,” offers Kristina Bouweiri, 100WomenStrong member. “It is tragic that these children – whose success in school is vital to the success of our community today and in the future – are sitting in class worried about when they might eat again.

“An educated child is a motivated child, and one that will someday be an important part of our community,” Bouweiri said. “Investing in these kids now is important to the future of your businesses and to our county.”

To make a tax-deductible donation, contact the Loudoun Education Foundation at 571-252-1102.

To sponsor a school or get involved in the program, contact Sunita Ruhnke at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Kara Vaughn at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

About 100 Women Strong

100WomenStrong is a group of women who make an annual $10,000 tax-deductible donation that will help create a lasting charitable endeavor to support non-profit organizations in Loudoun County. The group is a donor-advised fund of Piedmont Community Foundation (PCF), and contributions to the fund are fully tax deductible. For more information about 100WomenStrong, contact Kara Vaughan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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